Just something to think about.



Something I thought tumblr peeps might want to know about.

Sir Isaac Newton was gay. The man who discovered gravity and gave it a name was involved with a swiss mathematician, Nicolas Fatio.

Sadly, their relationship ( supposedly) ended badly after 4 years as Fatio began threatening Newton that he would expose his alchemy studies to the public ( keep in mind Newton held himself as a man of science and thought magic would discredit him).

First and foremost, correlation does not prove causation. The mere relationship between two people isn’t grounds for proof of any sexual activity. Newton was as far as anyone can tell non-sexual [source] (something also shared with Tesla). All evidence we can find for Newton’s homosexuality seems largely based off the fact that he didn’t commit to heterosexual relationships and never in fact married [source]. Furthermore Newton was strongly Christian which implies he may never have engaged in any sexual encounter even a heterosexual one.

Any claim that he was homosexual is based purely on conjecture and a romantic interpretation of his letters and not on hard evidence [source].